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Monday, May 07, 2007


We all woke up to distressing news on saturday morning that- a Kenya airways plane flight 505 with 114 passengers, including the crew, had gone missing on route to Nairobi. Kenya Airways lost contact with the plane soon after takeoff from Douala. The control tower received a distress signal from the aircraft before the loss of contact. The flight originated from Port Bouet Airport in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, but made a stop in Douala to pick up more passengers. It departed Douala at 0105 GMT (0005 local time) on 5 May 2007. It had been scheduled to arrive in Nairobi at 0315 GMT (0615 local time).

After two days or so, of franting search, the plane's wreckage was finally found throwing the country into a period of deep mourning. Kenya Airways Group Managing Director Titus Naikuni said in Nairobi that local fishermen had led rescuers to the crash site."We are told the aircraft was covered by a canopy of trees, and that was the delay in sighting the crash site," he said.

KQ 507 had only 9 Kenyans on board. The majority of passengers were from Cameroon (35) India (15), South Africa (7) and 6 each from China, Cote 'd Voire, Nigeria and Britain. Most of the other 17 nationalities represented from both Africa and the West were mostly 1 person from each country. This gives you a pretty good idea of how KQ has grown to be a trusted and reliable airline to persons from literally every corner of the globe.

Kenya and other nations are in mourning for their dear ones. Capital in the Morning crew, together with the entire Capital fm, wish to take this opportunity to send our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of those who have lost their loved ones. We pray that God gives you al lthe strength you need during this time of mourning. Its God how gives and takes. As a nation , lets pray together. With prayers, we will get through this.

Any words of comfort and encouragement will go along way in helping us all in staning together- peace be with us all.

As you reflect on this, take time to listern to this song ( to every one affected by this)- VERVE- BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY(song)

In showing solidarity with the rest of the country, one of our listerners, Daudi Were together with his friends, have set up a tribute page: take time to look at it and leave your message and get this, they will print them all out and hand it over Kenya airways. Below is the link:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dear Bloggers
do forgive us for taking so long to update the blog page- its been a crazy couple of weeks
April has been very busy for all of us- with some of the crew off for a few weeks and stuff

below is an assortment of your letters from an email that prompted a capital FM exclusive
interview after the sad events at Virginia Tech university- to crime, to your generous offers
of help for the Mt. Elgon Crisis and just general comments from our interview on the divorce
laws in Kenya and how long it takes to get a divorce. Did you know the divorce rate in kenya
has risen

read on - post your comments and remember -- we love you all!!!!

We start with the e-mail we received anout the situation at Virginia Tech - our prayers are
for the friends and families of the victims:

Hi CApital;

Be sure you are the link I can use to update our parents/friends at home about the situation here in virginia Tech. Details can be obtained from I have tried to contact all the Kenyan students here and they seem to be safe. I just wanna get this information to all our friends in Kenya on behalf of the Kenya-Student community at Virginia Tech USA. To my friends at JKUAT and ICIPE, I am fine.

Pray for us

James Mutunga

Graduate Student

Neurotoxicology Lab

Entolomology Dept

Virginia Tech

216A Price Hall MC 0319

Blacksburg, VA 24061


Then on to some very charitable people

hi Seanice, my name is Jaqi and i love your show.i have this bad habit of having ideas and letting them remain as that but today i thought i should try you.So i was thinking ever since the incident with Collin and his accident i noticed how responsive the listeners were and i remembered way before you joined Capital the website had photos of Capital Volunteers.I think the Capital Fm crew used to reach out to the needy.So i was thinking since you really have a heart for helping the needy or disadvantaged why not make Capital Volunteers a club and involve the listeners in giving back to the community.if you like the idea. Please do get back to me coz i'd love to be involved in something like this.Thanks and keep up the good work. Regards Jaqi


Dear Seanice and Fareed,

I am a keen listener to your program every morning it makes me wake up early,and I have to admit that it has kept me going strong despite the problems I have faced.

Please i would just like to let you know that I have some dresses that I dont really wear and it will be my humble pleasure if they could be given to the victims of the clashes,they are my brothers and sisters and it pains me alot to see some saying this the only dress I was left with after my house was torched down,they are many and I do not have transport if somebody could pick them from Komarock I will really appreciate.

Your listener



Some Comments after we did the topic on divorce

Hey Seanice:

Great show: it is very informative, eye-opening, interesting to a degree i feel stupid for thinking what i thought previously before being educated by this show. However i tuned in late. I wonder if it is possible to do this show topic again and invite this same very informative professional back to your show. Am sure i talk for many that this is an awesome show, educative and worth repeating. Adios and have a nice day; continue the good work at Capital.



Hi this is Dorothy and after reading posted mails concerning crimes I really sympathies with them. They should sympathies with me too. I also think the police are not enforcing prompt action. They are on most occasions bribed off by this culprits and it has become a common thing. We should fire them. I mean we can as well do without them because when we are robbed off and report the mater to them they never take action. This leads me to my story. Just one month ago I decided to hang at Westlands. It was like 11.00 pm and since my friends and I thought it was not so late we boarded a matatu to the mall. The former stage that used to cause so much traffic was removed yet this matatu dropped us off there. When we dropped off we never so anyone at the stage and so we assumed we were safe only to cross the road and some man from nowhere snatched my bag and ran off. I was extremely shocked and to my defence started chasing the thief. My important documents were in the bag and I had just withdrawn some money to spend and it all went to the culprit’s hands. As we were chasing the man there is a particular opening just down the road which is a sewage the man disappeared in thin air. More thieves were also following us so we decided to take refuge near a security man who watched me helplessly being robbed off my valuables. I met one cab driver and he showed me several hiding spots of these men. The areas to look out for are the former mall stage just near the roundabout leading to Sarit, under cars, unga house and outside rezorous. Women should be weary of these places since we are most vulnerable because of the handbags we carry. The best advice I could give women when hanging is DONT CARRY HANDBAGS AND CELL PHONES. Board a cab cause i do nowadays. Once bitten twice shy. Police never help in these situations.


Commuters on route 105 Railways-Kikuyu be aware,there are many smart pickpockets on this route.The guys usually travel in a group of about 5 and are smartely dressed doning expensive mobile phones.Never allow this people place their gadgets on top of your handbags.They carry large manila papers in a black polythene bags this is used to conceal when pickpocketing you.Watch out guys and ladies on this smart guys

Philip Munyasia


Keep blogging and keep listening

Friday, March 23, 2007


Thank you frustrated citizen for sharing your experiences.

My car’s wing mirror has been snatched a few times on Uhuru highway after 7pm. You can understand that the police can’t be everywhere and it dark but you feel helpless and frustrated as can do nothing about it. This morning on the highway, near KBC – two guys simultaneously yanked off both mirrors – the time was 7.50am right in the middle of traffic. If this is happening in broad daylight and the men in blue are barely 600m either side – what else should we expect next? This is one of the busiest roads in Nairobi and you don’t even feel safe anymore regardless of time of day.
Frustrated Citizen

Thanks to Preety for the following email.

Yesterday as I walked towards Globe round about, just past Meridian hotel, I noticed a guy falling on the road. I noticed he was one of the muggers I had earlier told you about, his nose was bleeding. He had tried to snatch something from somenone in his car but the victim was too fast and he punched him on the face. Yesterday the "boyz" (lets call them that for now) were so many and active. They ran up and down the Globe roundabout, trying to check if the doors had been locked. For the 30 minutes that I was there chilling for the mat all they did was run up and down. I told you they have been doing this for at least the last five years. Sometimes I think I am the only one who sees them, everybody else is not amused but me. They chased the cars up and down, the same boys of Garissa Lodge. Talk to the C.I.D or whoever is meant to take action, because innocent people will loose their valuables.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Please keep your crime emails coming in because as you will read below crime in Kenya is becoming more serious and we need to stop these thugs. Please help us keep the whole of Kenya safe.

Chilling Eyewitness Account Of Coast Bus Hijacking. Hijackers "Inspected" Women Passengers' Private Parts With Torches Before Rape

I managed to track down an eyewitness of the ill-fated Coast Bus Hijacking that happened last weekend (Saturday night) and yesterday I sat horrified and sickened as he described in great detail his ordeal of pure horrendous terror in the hands of armed thugs, together with other passengers somewhere in the bush near Emali.

Let me say that some Kenyans live in ignorant bliss and seem to get very upset when served with the often unpalatable truth. One reader of the popular Mashada site got very upset reading my article on this issue which had been re-posted there by somebody. Especially when I revealed that Matatus in Nairobi are hijacked all the time and women passengers raped, sometimes in full view of the other passengers, this reader was sure that I had made up the whole thing and did not mince his words. He asked me to produce evidence, calling me a liar. He just could not believe that such a serious thing would go unreported or half-reported in the mainstream media.

Well, sir, if you are still out there reading this, here is a perfect example of something that was half-reported with all the gory details being carefully left out.

It is instructive that the Coast Bus headed for Mombasa from Nairobi, passed several police checks and on some of them thorough inspection for weapons was carried out. Our eyewitness believes that the weapons used in the incident were not on the bus until somewhere in Makutano (junction of Machakos Road and the main Nairobi Mombasa highway-where the sixth hijacker boarded the bus carrying a bulky bag). Interestingly after this point, the bus passed only one additional roadblock and then there were no more until the time the thugs took control of the bus at Emali. This clearly illustrates the fact that the gangsters had done their homework well. Even more interesting is the fact that one of them was seen by several passengers with a two-way radio similar to the ones the police use and was discreetly seen using it. Was he listening in on police communication?

Admittedly two way radios are common these days and anybody can acquire one, if they go through the proper licensing procedures. However in view of what happened that night, this is bound to raise lots of suspicion.

"I sat next to one of the hijackers," our eyewitness picks up the tale, "and he kept in fiddling with his mobile phone sending and receiving messages. He finally spoke to somebody on the phone, most probably the person he had been sending and receiving messages from, shortly before the gang took control of the bus. They spoke in Kikamba so I could not understand what they were saying."

"At Emali, I suddenly heard two loud gun shots and on looking up I realized that a man right at the front whom I had earlier noticed being very friendly to the policemen who boarded the bus to carry out searches at the road blocks, had shot dead the driver of the bus. The thug had even earlier conversed in Kalenjin to one of the policemen."

Passengers were then told to lie down on the floor of the bus and anybody who would show as much as their head would get shot immediately. The bus was then diverted and driven into the bushes for about 10 kilometres. Emali is before Kibwezi and Mtito Andei on the way to Mombasa from Nairobi.

Passengers were then ordered to surrender their mobile phones and cash. Our eyewitness says: "I was still on the floor when I heard a commotion with one of the thugs saying that a passenger had attempted to conceal their mobile phone. Again two shots rang out and I feared the worst. Later we discovered that miraculously both bullets had only grazed the top of his head and the man survived the ordeal." The would be victim may have been helped by the fact that the place was pitch dark and the only source of light were the powerful flash lights used by the thugs.

After the loot had been gathered, the entire luggage was taken down from the bus and the contents carefully inspected, anything of value was taken. At the end of the ordeal there was a confusion of all the personal effects from the various bags mixed together in one huge pile on the ground outside the bus.

The thugs then started literally stripping the women passengers naked and carefully inspecting their private parts with the powerful flash lights they were carrying. Our eyewitness says he thought he saw one of the thugs actually try to smell one of the women's private parts. A few women were dismissed as being "sick and infected." The women selected for rape were about four in number and the six thugs then raped them in turns using condoms. This clearly illustrates that they had come prepared, knowing exactly what they were going to do after they had robbed the passengers. This happened in the open field area where the bus had been stopped.

The women had earlier pleaded with the thugs not to carry out the rape but to no avail. Our eyewitness says that their desperate pleadings and begging still occasionally rings in his ears.

"Those guys can't have been human. All elements of being human had departed from them," the eyewitness quipped to this writer. The whole ordeal lasted about 3 hours.

What is frightening is that the arithmetic of the whole crime doesn't make any sense. Assuming that the bus was carrying about 70 passengers each carrying an average of Kshs 2,000 and a mobile phone (which would be sold at about 2,000 being so "hot") that would have yielded a total of Kshs 280,000. Assume that there was an extraordinarily high amount of cash on the bus and even double that figure and you would still get Kshs 560,000. Divide that by six and you get a paltry 93,333 for each gang member and that does not even take into account the costs of the operations and the fact that others who assisted would have had to be paid. Hardly the sort of money worth carrying out such a violent capital offence crime for. And that is the really scary thing about escalating crime in Kenya .

Friday, March 09, 2007


I appreciate what you capital guys are doing about the insecurity issue. At the globe cinema round about there are 6-10 jamaas who snatch from people cars and guess what, they are the same guys who snatch from people on the first avenue Eastleigh, between 6th & 8th Street. They are very smart good lookin guys, who dress in well fitting jeans and light shirts. They are never caught or if they are, they always bribe to find their way out. They normally knock on your window or snatch anything from the car if the window is not closed. So, beware and alert different cops about the matter cos the Pangani ones wont do anything.
Thank you, Preety.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Police officers should be the people we turn to in times of trouble, but are they really trustworthy?

The Standard Newspaper (07.03.07) highlights a positive case where four police officers, from the Kerugoya Police Station, who were suspected to have been in collaboration with some gangsters in the Kirinynaga and Embu districts have been sacked.
The officers were said to have been linked to several armed robberies and were hiring out their guns to thugs.
The four police officers are yet to be charged.

Friday, March 02, 2007


As you start the new month, here are a few HOT videos for you to watch and enjoy.......